Usquaebach – pronounced “oos-ke-bah”, blends goes as far back as the 1700’s, which marks it as one of the significant Scottish Whiskies of our time. Although it is a blend, and not a single malt on its own, it blends a variety of flavors so carefully that with every sip, the drinker experiences something new. Its quite lovely.

‘An Ard Ri’ – “The High King” in Gaelic – is an expertly crafted blend of over 20 single malt whisky casks from the Highlands. ‘An Ard Ri’ is a combination of only single malt whiskies from with no grain added to soften its power. The final blend is married and finished in sherry casks for around 6 months which leads to an additional layer of flavor. Crafted from a variety of aged malts, the oldest of which is 21 Years of age, this dram carries a long and textured finish that will satisfy any whisky drinker.

Name: Usquaebach “An Ard Ri” Cask Strength Whisky 

ABV: 57.1% – 114.2 Proof

Nose: Milk Chocolate, citrus, with dried nuts and pecans. Hay and Pineapple in the nose as well. There’s a cardboard like undertone in the nose that mixes with beer like ale.

Palate: Butterscotch and toffee vanilla sweetness balanced with melons, orange zest and mild spices. Raspberry  blood oranges, grapefruit and bitter chocolate. Nutty with light seaweed taste, nice mix between sweetness and savoriness.

Finish: Very Long finish, with peppery spices, oranges, and pecan pie.


Tasting Rating
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