After our interview with Matt Hoffman the master distiller for Westland, we decided to try some of their limited runs, and were lucky enough to taste their Garryana 2017 edition. One day soon we will compare it to their 2016 edition, with the Ambassador for Westland Whiskey.

Name: Westland Garryana 2017 Edition

Region: Washington, USA

ABV: 50%

Nose: Savory bacon and vanilla. Malt, barley and a hint of sweetness. It’s very pleasant and does not burn the nostrils at 100 proof.

Palate: Oak and smoke, apricot jam, black currants and caramel with a buttery syrup like oily feeling. The flavors mesh nicely together, almost in unison, as if it was made that way on purpose.

Finish: Strong bold finish with leather chewed tobacco and old dried leather you find in the back of an antique shop. The sweetness lingers throughout the dram, its very pleasant but does not overpower the oak and maltness of it as a whole.

94 %
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