Had the pleasure to drink this after giving the original Highland Park 25 a whirl. This was much different, it was bolder and a lot stronger, given that its at 55.5% ABV, its nothing short to mess with. Let’s get into the nitty gritty and see what this bad boy has to offer.

Name: Cadenhead Small Batch Highland Park 28

Region: Highlands, Scotland

ABV: 55.5%

Nose: In your face spices, with cured meats and sherry that overpower the vanilla and sweet berries beneath. This was drank and smelled without adding any water at cask strength. Leather, smog and oak also very present. Almost like a meaty spicy bacon cooked too long on a pan.

Palate: Dark berry spices, dark chocolate, musty oak, toffee, molasses and sweet berry figs. Lingering spices tingle the tongue. Has a lot of punch, but has a nice warm mouthfeel. Very oily and smooth, contrary to the strength of this whisky.

Finish: Bold, strong in your face, complex. Lots of things going on. Some granny smith apples, honey and more oak. Zesty oranges with creme brulee xmas cake spices.

95 %
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