About us

We are huge Scotch Whisky, Bourbon and All other types of spirits connoisseurs.  We love traveling to different venues and tasting many varieties of whiskys that all the distilleries have to offer. All the photos are our own. This is our website, featuring whisky, rum, brandy and other barrel aged spirits,  lifestyle, reviews, photos and just our humble opinions. 

Co-Founder: Gene Kizhnerman is a consultant and Immigration Specialist in the Technology sector in New York City.  He has also dabbled and has experience in Public Relations, Marketing and Technology. Gene is a serial entrepreneur at heart, who loves meeting new people, building relationships, and has a strong appreciation for the craft spirits industry. When he is not writing or drinking whisky, he spends his time woo-ing his beautiful girlfriend and raising their fur baby! 

Gene’s Favorite Scotch: Glenmorangie 18

Co-Founder: Rebecca Chan – Rebecca comes from a reputable financial background where in which she has over 10 years experience. Rebecca has always had the flair to stand out and not be a lemming following the norm. She currently runs her Healthier Asian Recipes Food Blog – Eat the East 

Rebecca’s Favorite Scotch: Glenfarclas 17