Elijah Craig is the first distiller to age his whiskey in charred oak barrels. Today, the Heaven Hill Distillery still uses the same careful methodology to create that flavor you love to drink. They use local corn and grains that are milled and mixed with limestone rich Kentucky Spring water, then the product is fermented and distilled. Then the daunting task is set upon the master distiller again, to select the perfect single barrel to bottle.

Name: Elijah Craig

Location: Kentucky

Age: 23 years from a Single Barrel

ABV: 45%

Cask: New American Charred Oak

Nose: Heavy oak and spices, fresh flowers, figs, nutmeg and cinnamon and baking cake.

Palate: Warm mouthfeel, vanilla, smooth velvety butterscotch, and oak. The butterscotch and oak intertwine together to make a nice woodsy and sweetness into a sweet melody. Baked apple spices and red fruit juices give it a sweeter palate. The 23 year old def has more heavy wood and tanins then the 18.

Finish: The finish is mellow and raw. Vanilla and sweetness of brown sugar and butterscotch, and the oak turn into something completely natural and provide a smooth warming sensation on the back end.

Price: Around $350

95 %
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