This cigar was another treat for me during a lunch break to get through the work week. I have been trying cigars on their own without accompanying them with Scotch, to see if I can get into the flavors of the actual tobacco without it being inhibited by any outside presence. This cigar was recommended to me by a Cuban cigar aficionado as their go to cigar.

General Information about the Cigar:

Name:     Davidoff Millennium Blend Toro
Country:  Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder:    Dominican Republic
Filler:       Dominican Republic

The construction of the cigar was marvelous. Nice tight wrapping job on the filer and the overall cigar. As always I have become accustomed to using the V cut, since it provides a better draw on the tightly rolled cigars. Depending on the places you go to, or if you have your own cutter, the Deep V is the way I tend to lean to. I am sure the punch or the cap would have worked as well, but this review is based on the V cut.

First 1/3 of the Cigar: Bold spicy flavors. A little nutty but mostly overpowering pine, cinnamon and woody. The draw was very smooth and the cigars earthy notes were over powered by the pine and cedar. The ash held its form and composure. The problem I have with a lot of the cigars, is the ash falls off too soon or too quickly and get’s all over me. I would imagine this would be the case if the cigar is not rolled tightly or properly enough. Goes to show you that Davidoff is all about the craft. I am usually not a fan of the 1/3 of the cigar and in this case I felt the same way. It only got better 2/3 of the way in. Way way better.

2/3 of the Cigar in: I began to pick up notes of dark chocolate and toasted marshmallow sweetness. The pine and cedar were still present but the spices began to die down and culminated nicely together in unison with the sweetness of the cigar. The aroma pretty much remained the same, very earthy but the palate began to change. With every draw I got more pine, oak and brown sugar. It became so pleasant that every puff brought on another great experience.

Final 3/3 of the cigar: At this point I was getting quite saddened knowing this was the end of the road. At this point, the smoothness velvety creaminess of the habiscus and vanilla came through. The spices peered its head back into the fold of the mix, but were not really very relevant. This was one of the most exquisite cigar smokes I’ve had in the long time. I can see why these cigar has a certain price tag attached to them. It comes with a certain prestige when it comes to the construction and tobacco used.

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