This past week I was fortunate enough to visit the OscarWildeNYC pre-launch party and taste some amazing whisky drams. This was one of those. Having before tasted the Highland Park Ice Edition I was very much excited to try its counterpart the Fire Edition.

This Whisky is matured in re-fill Port Casks and is bottled at 45.2% ABV strength. Port is a type of Wine Cask that gives it a nice berry like flavor, that adds to the overall taste of this scotch.

Name: Highland Park Fire Edition 15 year

Region: Highland, Scotland

Proof: 90.4

Nose: The nose starts off with some fruits and cinnamon and dark chocolate. The port is very relevant on the nose as well with notes of oak and barley mixing together with the red fruit berries. Every time you inhale you immediately smell the port.

Palate: The mouthfeel is oily and sweet. Swirling the liquid around your tongue you get a nice cinnamon and oak florals. A hint of spices and red grapes, vanilla and figs. Some people also tasted plums on this, however, I did not.

Finish: The finish is the most disappointed part of this whisky. It’s short and abrupt with chocolate and orange flavors. It does not do enough to keep you wanting more, and that is such a shame.


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