*This cigar was provided by Cigarcity.com for the purposes of the review. This is an unbiased real review of my experience smoking this cigar.

The Sobremesa Cervantes Fino is a gorgeous 6 ½” x 46 stick handcrafted in the Joya de Nicaragua factory using an impressive filler blend of Nicaraguan Seco, Viso and Ligero tobaccos along with a meaty Pennsylvania Broadleaf Ligero leaf. A Matacapan Negro de Temporal binder leaf from San Andres, Mexico and a La Meca Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper leaf supplied by the Oliva family complete the stunning smoke.

Brand: Sobremesa Cervantes Fino

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuador Sungrown

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Mexican

Gage: 46

I am very partial and biased towards Cuban cigars lately, because I appreciate the creamy medium to full velvety smoke that they offer. None Cuban cigars have been hard to come by just because based on my previous smokes they have mostly been not so great experiences. Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised just how good of a smoke this cigar was.

Appearance: Nice milk chocolate exterior with a smooth wrapper. Not too many veins visible, as if they seamlessly blend into the leaf. The cigar seems to have been packed pretty well, evenly between the foot and the head of the cigar. I loved the gold band on this light to medium brown cigar. The main band looks like a crown, with the secondary band has text of the Sobremesa. Nice presentation.

Cut/Light: Since all I had was a straight cut with me that’s what I used. A nice cut above the head between the two caps. Smooth cut no problem with tobacco flinging all over the place. I used a match to light the cigar, because I did not want to ruin the flavor with the overexposed flame. Turning the cigar in a circular motion to light the foot evenly. After the light touches of the flame, I pointed the foot towards me face and gently blew on the foot exterior to get the flame to light the tobacco evenly. It was perfect.

1/3 of the Cigar: The initial draw was very heavy in cocoa and burnt brown sugar. I picked up notes of leather and oak, as well as earthy minerals. The draw was even and the flame spread out evenly and burned great through. Halfway into the first third I picked up cedar, lemon peel and black pepper. It was soft and not spicy, just a velvety smooth and creamy draw. 

2/3 of the Cigar: Did not notice too much change. Still a good burn throughout the cigar. The ash still kept full and did not break. Milk Chocolate and cedar were well on the way here. Some hints of vanilla became available. The tobacco was almost lost on the backend of the cigar. As if the notes of the chocolate and cedar and slight hints of leather was all there was.

3/3 of the Cigar: As I approached the end of the cigar I noticed the full smoke and spicy notes really become astringent. The creamy nectar began to subside and the burn increased the temperature slightly. At this point the ash began to fall and the spicy part of the cigar became pretty intense for me. This is where I ended the smoke. I did not want the last part of the cigar ruin the entire experience for me.

Overall: For a non-Cuban this was a hell of a cigar. Although the last third became too intense for me, the first 2/3 were sublime. I enjoyed the smoke, I enjoyed the notes and the draw was smooth and consistent. I would highly recommend this cigar to my friend. Might even place an order for a box myself!


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