Here at Tastethedram we are humble folks interested in whisky and sharing our love of whiskey with those who care to read our posts. That is why when we are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to head to out Whiskey Events, we are truly grateful. This year we were invited by the founder himself Joshua Hatton of the Single Cask Nation and the Whiskey Jewbilee to attend this event. This was our first year in attendance, and we were not really sure what to expect, besides great pours of some wonderful whisky. So if you’re like me and this is your first time hearing about this show, please allow us to take this opportunity to blow your mind.

(Joshua Hatton and his Co-Founder Jason Johnston-Yellin)

The men above are responsible for the Whisky Jewbilee event, and thanks to them we had the opportunity as with the rest of the attendees to try some out of this world Whisky. Some Whiskey I have never even heard off, and more importantly, to spend a really cool night out with some of my closest friends.

(Ajay Bhoja – US Ambassador – Paul John Indian Whisky)

Ajay Bhoja, is probably the coolest Whisky Ambassador I have ever met. This guy is down to earth, humble, hard working and just knows his brand well. Any questions and concern, he answers and makes sure you have a wonderful knowledgeable and tasty experience. The Paul John line is quite exquisite and we are very fortunate to dare I say, call Ajay our friend!

(Ben P., Co-Founder of the Beastmasters Whisky Club)

We had the opportunity to attend some of the BeastMasters NYC based events, and they were truly something special. At one event we had Joshua Hatton himself from the Single Cask Nation. These guys are knowledgeable and have a very cool podcast where they interview the whisky public figures, master distillers and just whisky industry folks. Check out their podcast here : Beast Master Podcast 

(Allison Parc of the Brenne Whisky)

Another booth that we enjoyed was that of the Brenne Whisky Company founded by Allison Parc herself. All of their whisky is made in France and finished in Ex-Cognac barrels. The nose and the aroma is quite wonderful, and the palate has a lot of malted chocolate and sweetness, a nice spicy and citrus fruit burn, pleasant and not too overpowering. Also the experience itself was intensified because Allison herself spent about 10-15 minutes talking to us about how the company came about, the french terroir, the struggles, how she found her way, and the success she now can feel proud about. This whisky is fantastic, and affordable for the most part. I am def going to pick up a bottle, and you should too.

The rest of the night was spent walking around tasting some beautiful drams with our close friends, shooting the sh*t with the ambassadors about the whisky culture and what the future holds, and just exploring the different palate options that this event had to offer. Below you can find some of our favorites.

This highland park was one of those special under the table bottles offered to those that have a real appreciate for quality old whisky! It was one of the best drams of the night! Big shout out to the Single Cask Nation member who provided us with a pour of this heavenly goodness.

Overall it was a wonderful event that had catered food, cigars, and tons and tons of whisky. I cannot wait to see who will be on the whisky pour list for 2018, because I am definitely picking up a ticket before it’s all sold out.


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